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Workshop on Writing Skill Development; URMUL, Bikaner

Planning the Workshop

The 3-day residential workshop aptly named, “ Main Kuchh Bhi kar Sakti Hoon” was planned keeping the participants in mind –girls studying in graduate courses through Balika Shivir.  While they had an understanding of development issues on the ground including those impacting girl children, their exposure to the media was limited.  Also they did not have much of an idea on how to write for the media.   

Keeping this in mind, Charkha designed a programme schedule that would give the girls the required inputs but allow them to express their views and share their experiences. Logistics were taken care of entirely by URMUL.

Conducting the Workshop

The workshop from 9-11 March 2016 at URMUL’s campus in Lunkaransar, was conducted by a 2-member team from Charkha, Nikhat Parween and Sujata Raghavas.  The 25 participants were taken through basics of writing, types of media and given group work involving article preferences.  Field work to nearby villages, Kalu and Nakodesar saw participants interacting with community members, noting points that were later written up.

A 2 member team ofrom Vikalp Sansthan, Udaipur working on girl child issues shared an inspirational story.  Amar Pal Singh, a journalist with wide experience in the regional media – gave ideas for stories and motivated the girls to attempt stories for the media. These inputs served to widen the understanding of how media can play a crucial role in social change.


Each of the participants have submitted their write-ups covering topics such as drought, lack of infrastructure, lack of education especially amongst girls and the perils of early marriage for the health and education of girls. While these capture the essential aspects of the ground, they require additional details and bytes by community as well as information from relevant websites in order to finalise as articles for the media. This is under process and Charkha is in dialogue with URMUL to take it forward.

Participants in rapt attention

Sujata explaining a point

Sharing views on local issues

Fully prepared for a
field visit

Noting down community issues

A village girl shares her ideas


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