Strategic Approach

We work among the disadvantaged communities in remote areas and areas of conflict in rural India. We empower them with access to information and communication, so that they can improve their social and economic inclusion in ongoing development opportunities made available by the State.

Our involvement in each region is tuned to the specific needs identified by the communities we work with, thus enabling them to add value on a sustainable basis. The initiatives take diverse forms and appropriate media are used in creative ways to enable those at the fringes to obtain their rights and entitlements.

Each initiative is designed to incorporate sustainability from the conception. The capacities of local core groups, rural writers and community-based institutions are strengthened and they benefit from the empowerment processes thus generated.

In each region, socially committed individuals and institutions are linked together in a Media-based Communication and Information Network that brings together social activists, rural writers, local NGOs, government officials, media persons and other socially motivated youth.

Reaching across the district, state and national levels, such a Network enables the highlighting of development concerns of the most disadvantaged groups through the use of media. It also enables access to information about government schemes and civil society initiatives to optimize the benefits to the most disadvantaged sections.

The most effective media tools to meet the needs of the select communities, as prioritized by them, are identified in consultation with them using a participatory approach. Local groups are taught the skills required to obtain relevant and accurate information at the district, state and national levels. They are also taught how to tap different media in creative ways to disseminate the information. They create Wall Magazines and producing radio programs that share information within and among villages. The written articles are disseminated for publication to district, state and national newspapers and web portals.

Media is thus used for State/National advocacy of the needs of rural marginalized communities, and to empower them to make improvements in their livelihoods, education, health and other development needs using information made available using appropriate media tools.



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